Waves CA

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This is a classical-styled piece with piano and strings. Written in C and A. Made entirely with the Korg Kronos keyboard and Rosegarden music editing application running on linux. (My Soundcloud channel is RS Frazier if you want to listen to some of my other music)


Waves CA

Waves CA

Here’s the YouTube video

Two new music pieces

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These are a couple of songs I wrote that are intended to be for a  marketing video background music track. The video is a short, 30 second shot of a small machine with someone’s hands using the machine. They are meant to be edited as the video editor sees fit for the purpose.

Demo A (A is for ARCA)

Demo B (El Timbalero Aburrido)

Demo A took much longer to make than I’m willing to admit, partly due to the learning process of using the sequencer on my keyboard. Demo B didn’t take as long, but it turned out sounding sillier than I thought so I gave it a whimsical name.

My SoundCloud channel is RS Frazier as well as my YouTube channel. If you haven’t checked out my videos on YouTube there are more songs as well as a funny video about an engineer asking his boss about getting an MBA. That one has generated a lot of comments.


Rain on Second Street music video

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Finally! Got it finished and wrapped up and here it is. I spent so much time on this… hope you like it.

Second music video

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Here’s my second musical composition titled, “Haiku No. 1” – inspired by a haiku poem written by my wife, Daun Daemon. This was composed on the toy keyboard (Realistic Concertmate-460) as before. However the sounds are all from the GeneralUser_GS_FluidSynth soundfont through QSynth (FluidSynth). The midi editing and additional composition was done with Rosegarden. Audio transcription done with the awesome help of WaoN and capture and export by Audacity. Amateur video and image stock edited with Cinelerra, post processing with ffmpeg.

I would like to get a real midi keyboard with semi-weighted keys someday.

First music video

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This is my first music video – not sure if this is blues, jazz or somewhere in between. Sound created entirely with a Realistic Concertmate 460 keyboard and Audacity. 3D digital imagery created with Blender 3D version 2.63. The drum line is straight from the keyboard, the bass line is derived from the same notes (near as I could tell) as Low Rider by War, but not as funky. The comping and melodic lines are from about 3-4 different recording takes and edited and pieced together, resulting in a somewhat call-and-response structure. The whole thing was sped up by about 25% while maintaining constant pitch.